Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Bitcoin and its Essential Points

Cryptocurrencies have grown to the massive extent with the rapid growth in past few years in India and other countries. The people have started adopting the cryptocurrency with full enthusiasm. As the bitcoin is the most popular digital asset among all other currencies. There was the time when there was a Best Bitcoin Rate for the currency when introduced in India.

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency run on encryption and the blockchain technology. The fund's transfer is safe and secured by the high-tech software to maintain the platform secure from unwanted cyber crimes.

The total number of bitcoin users in India are more than 1 million. As the time passes the awareness keep on increasing to buy and Sell Bitcoin in India. People are getting used to online shopping and transferring funds from one place to another are more attracted towards the bitcoin.

The are few important points a user must know about the cryptocurrency.

1. Nor Legal Neither Illegal

Bitcoin is not regulated in India. The reserve bank of India has formed a committee to examine every aspect both positive and negative usage of cryptocurrency and give their verdict on the same. The process is in progress with several doubts and questions.

2. Transactions are Irreversible

The transaction of bitcoin once made whether you send or receive the bitcoin is irreversible. You can not undo the transaction or stop once made through cryptocurrency.

3. Beware of Scammers

There are multiple agents and exchanges working in a field of cryptocurrency in India. Some bitcoin exchange deals in cash and other online. The Top Bitcoin Exchange in India is Bitxoxo, Coinsecure, Uno coin.
You should always go for the reputed online Bitcoin Exchange in India for investment and trade. As the online Bitcoin exchange like Bitxoxo, Zebpay and all give safe trading and user-friendly interface to trade. Your money with these exchange is always safe.


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