Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Bitcoin: The Cryptocurrency of The World

     In the world there are many ways to see money, and Bitcoin has been one of the most innovative inventions that have completely changed the money. Many people have bank accounts in different currencies and also electronic accounts that they manage through the Internet, but, as the digital currencies or cryptocurrencies as they are better known, they changed the way of seeing the virtual money taking it to another level.

     Bitcoin, being a pioneer in cryptocurrencies, has remained the queen among all with a value of approximately $ 4 500, until now. Many analysts and investors say it will continue to rise as it has become more popular, more commercial and accepted by more countries. Bitcoins have become very popular and more than a digital currency people are seeing it as one more currency, but unlike other currencies is that it can be used in different countries of the world without authorizations from banks or governments. Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies do not depend on an economy, their system is decentralized.

     This year the demand for cryptocurrencies has increased a lot since there are many countries facing crisis and digital currencies have been a solution or an aid to maintain a stable economy. For example; in India there are millions of people who have made use of Bitcoin in a great way. One of the largest and most known Bitcoin exchange in the world is Bitxoxo, it is also considered one of the best Bitcoin exchange in India and has managed to leave behind its competitors. Although this exchange house only operates in India, its developers are opening their windows to other countries.

     Many stores and businesses in different parts of the world are already accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment; this has been an achievement for cryptocurrency because it is being considered as a common currency that may have other uses for commercial purposes. Bitcoin has achieved what other cryptocurrencies have only dreamed about and that is why maybe in the end there will only be one digital coin and that coin will be recognized and legalized around the world. It would be the first world currency.

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