Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Why women should help to improve cryptocurrencies market

Women all over the world—more than all in the Asian continent—should be motivated to enter the world of cryptocurrencies following the example of Roya Mahboob, an Afghan entrepreneur and enthusiast of Bitcoin. She has explained that the main aim she has is to organize the women of Afghanistan. Mahboob is the founder of a Bitcoin exchange called Digital Citizen Fund. She has helped many women of her country to get financial support through the cryptocurrency. It is known that more than 9000 women have been benefitted from the support of this accurate entrepreneur. 

This is a necessary example for many countries. Women in Asia must feel encouraged to start winning some money through Bitcoin. For instance, in India the biggest part of the population is composed by women, yet the biggest amount of people who buy bitcoins are men. It means that probably women do not feel themselves motivated to enter the world of digital currencies because most of the enthusiast of this kind of trading are men. The main companies of Bitcoin exchange in India like Bitxoxo, Unocoin and Zepbay should take this important fact into account and start financing Hindu women. Supporting and training women about how to become successful bitcoiners could suppose a really increment of the best Bitcoin in the country. 

Most of the Asian countries like India have a big population and the education and values taught primarily by the mother since the first days of childhood. Therefore, if women in these countries are informed and participate actively in the Bitcoin exchange, in the future the digital currencies and its facilities will have a better development. The future of the economy of all countries depends of the mothers and women. India has become one of the best options of the global market of cryptocurrencies and many companies like Bitbay have started to put their eyes on the country. However, if the companies just support young populations and do not take into account including women of all in the process, it will be a longer path to establish the best Bitcoin exchange culture in India.

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