Monday, 21 August 2017

A Bitcoin Fortune Lost

     Several days ago a report was made where it was said that there are a number of digital monies lost somewhere in the world, apparently it is a hard drive that many claim has information and a possible amount of more than 950 Bitcoins. However, the person who found it has not been able to access it and other people also claim that it is a fraud, a deception made to create scandal.

     A renowned exchange house announced that it was the mother of one of its users who made the find but could not certify the information. If this information is true, the person who can decipher the code can have a great fortune in their hands, we are talking about more than 4 million dollars in Bitcoins. They recognize that the hard drive has the amount of Bitcoins because the previous user or owner of the disk left written on the label "950 BTC". The people who found the hard drive apparently got very nervous and could not believe what they had found.

     However, for many this could be a joke, as it is an exaggerated amount of Bitcoins to leave it thrown anywhere. Some Bitcoin exchange have made other reports of BTC code losses but never in such exaggerated amounts as this one. In addition, the best Bitcoin exchange has security strategies that can be applied in cases like this as long as the person reports the loss.

     Other users of Bitcoin networks who learned of the find only announced that it is a fraud, a lie. Many of them said that it may be a high-risk virus that is affecting the hard drive and may have a cryptographic key. Some of them also said that several of the best Bitcoin exchange have security mechanisms that allow to verify if the information is true and even have a strict procedure through which the digital coins can be recovered.

     The exchange house to which the user of said hard disk belongs is one of the best Bitcoin rate at world level and other Bitcoin exchange support this information. With respect to the loss of digital currency, there are more than 300 reports this year of cryptocurrencies that are lost in the network. Some of them are recovered and some are not.

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