Tuesday, 15 August 2017

BTC: The 3 Best Wallets of 2017

The great Bitcoin phenomenon, despite being a virtual coin, has its own purse, yes, we talk about the BTC wallets, those responsible for saving and protecting all your bitcoins with the highest possible security. The models that are released to the market every day are more competitive, and choosing one among all may be a very difficult decision.

For that reason, in this article we will show you the best purses to store your criptocoins, especially BTC's.

Then the 3 best BTC Wallets in the current market:

Coinbase: It was one of the first wallets in the world, has an advanced security system, impenetrable by any hacker and takes care of your money effectively. The only detail of this brand of wallets is that its commissions for storing your bitcoins have increased in an extraordinary way, currently charging about 50,000 Satoshis for each withdrawal, and 35,000 satoshis for each deposit, reason why, lost a lush amount of customers. Despite this, Coinbase remains among the best for the sake of its security and financial protection, in addition to its efficient software.

Xapo: It's an excellent portfolio, with a very sublime interface and a spectacular software design. It is charging about 10,000 satoshis for every deposit we make and 15,000 for any withdrawal. Xapo has a concrete and meticulous security system, which will protect your bitcoins in the best way.

CoinPayments: It is the best-selling wallet in the world, with more than 171,500 sellers in 182 different countries, a great figure compared to other purses in the world. The reason is simple, since you will not need to pay any commission for withdrawing or depositing bitcoins, since the profits of this wallet are based on other methods. The most important thing is that your money will not wear out as time passes, nor will you have more expenses than the indispensable ones. CoinPayments supports more than 60 coins, and you can contact the company directly in case of emergency.

Bitcoin is already an essential currency in the world market, therefore, to start using it is imperative, this if we want to stay updated in the business world.
In this country, there are excellent places to buy and sell bitcoins in India, agencies like: Coinsecure, Unocoin, Bitxoxo, Zebpay and more. These companies turn out to be among the top Bitcoin exchange in India, due to their offerings and their investment security.

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