Friday, 11 August 2017

Bitcoins ATMs in Spain

     Bitcoin has been changing its way of seeing itself as digital currency and is starting to look like a real coin. Thanks to the high demand it has had in recent months its price has been revalued at large levels. However, its expansion through the internet or the network is beginning to be restricted and several Bitcoins developers have been looking for different alternatives to make the cryptocurrency reach all possible topics without totally depending on a network.

     A Spanish company recognized worldwide for its great works in ATMs Bitcoin has developed and will be distributing ATMs in more than 4500 establishments to facilitate people to buy digital coins or even use them for sell Bitcoin. The purpose of these ATMs and other tools is to allow people to buy Bitcoin directly with real euros. This application would be done in the next month of September.

     The process to buy the cryptocurrencies would be very simple, simply the people should talk to the local identified with the Bitcoin logo where they sell the digital coins, cancel with real euros and will be given a code with which they can claim their digital coins. The stores and commercial premises that sell Bitcoin will have a percentage for each transaction.

     The acquired Bitcoins can only be charged through this code which is attached to a password. That is why cryptocurrency is so difficult to trace since it is contained through a password and not a user.

     At present there are other ways to buy bitcoin; you can buy them through the exchange houses. In Spain there are several exchange houses and many are considered as the best bitcoin exchange and some of them are part of the top bitcoin exchange worldwide. They can also be obtained by buying them on the internet with credit cards without importing the type of currency, they should not be euro specifically and another way to get Bitcoins is mining. The miners are in charge of recording all the transactions made with Bitcoin in the best Bitcoin exchange and other exchange houses and as a profit they generate Bitcoin.

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