Monday, 7 August 2017

Bitcoin Trouble in Germany

     In Germany it has been recorded that the users made a report of several transactions Bitcoin to the national police. Apparently it was just a review process to make sure everything was working without any irregularities. Bitcoin fully acknowledged this information and agreed to a police investigation, which occurred in the city of Hannover.

     It turns out that the investigation, besides seeming totally routine, had a purpose and was to investigate the fact that Bitcoin has had a very high demand in the country. Thanks to its worldwide popularity and to the Best Bitcoin Rate offered in this country, thousands of people have registered through different platforms including Best Bitcoin Exchanges to perform their transactions with cryptocurrencies. A study carried out showed that there may be more than 400 thousand registered users in the city of Hannover alone.

     Another reason why the information was recorded in the police is because some time ago, in the year 2015, an unlawful act was registered where an address was discovered. However, after doing the research they were able to follow the activities performed and catch the criminals and Bitcoin made sure to provide more Blockchain services ensuring that this did not happen again.

     The protection of the data of the users is of paramount importance, although it is also important for the authorities since in case of another similar case, they can have the certainty and the guarantee of finding the culprit.

     Germany is considered one of the safest countries in the world and thanks to the high demand of cryptocurrency and its Best Bitcoin Rate systems; Bitcoin Exchanges have been improving their interfaces and processes every day to ensure the proper use of the currency digital.

     The report to the police was one of the best solutions that could have given this company to this type of problems, is a demonstration of the humility of the people and the trust that exists between authorities and citizens. Police in Germany have not had any further negative reports on the use of cryptocurrencies in the country and are more relaxed thanks to the implementation and improvements of Blockchain.

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