Tuesday, 22 August 2017

What can we buy with Bitcoin?

Sometimes this question is raised, because many people think about the use of this criptocoin, and in fact, its use cannot be an everyday one, due to the commission charged by the agencies in which we open the accounts. Some think that Bitcoin only serves to use them of investment and of active refuge, therefore, in part they are right, since it is one of the best ways to use Bitcoin; however, there is another way to use these bitcoins and get the most out of it.

One of the first rules about the use of bitcoins is not to use this form of payment for cheap things, since the commission that the agency will charge for the purchase may be even greater than the product you bought. We must bear in mind that commissions vary depending on the company; nonetheless, there is a world average of 0.001 BTC for 2.5 euros, which is undoubtedly a high price, so you must know what to spend such a currency.

You could not use Bitcoin to pay a date with your partner or have a coffee in the morning, as you would simply be spending money in vain, and in turn, wearing your bitcoins account. But, if it were a large expense, such as the purchase of shares in a company or corporation, or the purchase of an ostentatious vehicle, it is logical to use Bitcoin, since, the commission acquired by the exchange house will be minuscule in comparison With your expense.

You know that you cannot give your bitcoins to any object that you crave, no, you must be rational at all times and think about the commissions that will charge you when you buy, sell, exchange or deposit bitcoins. Try to make sure that the movements are minimal, and that when you go to spend, it is a big expense, so that the commission is not so expensive.

Using bitcoins deserves prudence and reasoning, so here in this page, we provide you with luxury information, which you can use at your convenience, such as learning and knowing how and where to buy and sell bitcoins in India, which Are the best bitcoins exchanges in India and what is the top Bitcoin exchange in India. These and other information you will find daily in our website.

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