Wednesday, 23 August 2017

On the USD 4.000

The Bitcoin (BTC) goes up and down like a roller coaster; nevertheless, each time the increases are longer and the shorter falls, reason why, and has begun to have a uniform, sustainable and positive growth. Bitcoin had to wait up to 7 years to be above $ 1,000, which he achieved in February this year. After this location of value, Bitcoin gradually rose to $ 2,000, and in a sharp push, stood on June 11 bordering the $ 3,000. At that moment the Bitcoin would reach its peak - until that moment -, and it would lower until 600 dollars later.

Whenever it has reached round figures, Bitcoin drops to the following days a little its price; however, if we compare that time that almost touched the $ 3,000 to now that touched and exceeded $ 4,000, the drop has been small, since it has been located between 3,700 and 3,900 dollars, an ideal figure for Bitcoin to take again impulse and launch until the next round figure to conquer the $ 5,000. According to experts in the area of finance and economic analysts, Bitcoin could reach $ 6,000 at the end of the year, a value that would undoubtedly leave this criptocoin on the world monetary throne.

Then, Bitcoin has remained on the platform of the 4,000, or at least close to it, holding on to such value, and this has resulted in greater demand, because, as long as this stability is observed more solidly and frequently, society will begin to echo this wonder and also, you can trust more in this.

It is all a matter of going up and down, but it is also that the currency is increasingly in demand and its funds are increased thanks to the arrival of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), so, the future of BTC is written on burnt paper and wrinkled, will be above the clouds, watching the world from above.

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