Friday, 18 August 2017

Stratospheric figures of Bitcoin

Record days for the Bitcoin currency around its electronic value. A week ago the currency used in the internet reached its historical limit, being at the standards of $ 4,483, a stratospheric figure for this method of digital payment in what this company carries in its last eight years of foundation. The great feat was surpassed this morning where in some websites obtained another great sum of monetary value per unit reaching the 4500 dollars, even more surprising for this commercial page or company. Something incredible, where a month ago you could only get for half of your monetary estimate.

The professor of tax law of the UBA, Daniel Rybnik gave the following words to the newspaper LA NACION; "It is playing a role of refuge, like gold, given that it is free from manipulation by the government and it is known what will be its emission pattern, so there is no uncertainty," makes clear that it cannot undergo any change with respect to the place where it is used or commercialized by the governmental entities, affirms.

"The use is not yet the one that I think is going to take a lot of years, for now it is speculative, people who buy and sell an asset that is fun for that purpose”, Affirms Matías Bari, CEO of Exchange Satoshitango. Bari reveals that on its good side this currency most of the time its price is fixed and over the years will remain free of inflation. He also cites, "While the local market is small compared to others, in general they are quite aligned," he concludes in his explanation regarding the aforementioned currency.

A glamorous expert in criptocoins Nicolas Bournbon also spoke very highly of this great value increase around marketing, "with all the discussions the price was contained. After the fork, you can see that Bitcoin Cash is stabilized and that SegWit is effectively going to install and begin to generate confidence that the currency will find its way. With that return investments and purchases".

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