Monday, 14 August 2017

3,000% annual growth for Bitcoin

Bitcoin has crossed the barriers of the known, and has been firmly entrenched in the top of the world finances, since, its growth registers a growth of more than 3,000% per year, being this the year with more development in its monetary value . The currency experienced drought seasons in July, being above the 2,500 dollars - despite that, it was still a fairly high price -, but with the arrival of August and several factors that affected the world the currency is located by up from $ 4,000, giving a strong showing of trade power, something that many global finance analysts criticized.

Little by little there have been events that have shocked its popularity and its value, such as half a million downloads of the Zebpay bitcoins application on its mobile platform. This, plus the temporary collapse of Coinsecure by having an excessive growth in its size of users and other phenomena worldwide, originated a grandiose boom in this criptocoin.

Many assert that as he went up also he will go down on a large scale; However, despite the downturns Bitcoin has suffered in the last few months, like the month of July, when it goes up it does with jet propellants, because in a single day it goes up to 500 dollars, an impressive figure.
Bitcoin began the year below 1,000 dollars, and in only two months had already passed this barrier. As of March the highest prices in each month were as follows: March - 1,283.18 dollars; April - $ 1,221.11; May - $ 2,446.23; June - 2,975.06; July - 2,839.18; And currently, August 14 - $ 4,325.60.

Since August 9 the price of Bitcoin has not stopped going up until today.

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