Friday, 4 August 2017

How can the process to sell or buy Bitcoins in India could be affected by Bitcoin Cash?

This week a group of miners created a cryptocurrency apart from the original Bitcoin called Bitcoin Cash. The new cryptocurrency has different laws from the accustomed and reached a price in the market in spite of the slow mining of the first block that has more space than a normal block. 

However, how can this fact affect traders of the traditional Bitcoin in India? It seems not to be harmful and on the contrary a manner of promoting cryptocurrencies. For example, in India, the companies ranked as the top of Bitcoin exchange have informed their members that they would secure their investments and deliver their money in the new cryptocurrency in case of chaos.

Other experts think that the creation of Bitcoin cash will only call more traders and merchants to start learning about both Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash and both investing and accepting them as a payment. The news about Bitcoin cash in India would only spread the curiosity about the best Bitcoin exchange in India. Also, since India is a country with adaptable inhabitants, the only thing that the companies of Bitcoin exchange just have to encourage people and create training programs about how to buy and sell both kind of Bitcoins in India. 

Nonetheless, the price and success of cryptocurrencies change all the time since they depend on the market fluctuations. Just two weeks ago most of the news respecting to the world of cryptocurrencies were about the fall of their value, so it is better to recommend people from India to join a company of bitcoin exchange that protects their investments and guarantee their safety. The success of Bitcoin Cash will depend on many factors during the next weeks. 

It is true that some experts expect that Bitcoin will have a slow development in India because they think the process of acceptation of cryptocurrencies of the Asian country has been slower than in other countries of the region such as South Korea and Kazakhstan, but this belief is not reason for considering that Bitcoin exchange and Bitcoin Cash will not become famous in the country because everyday people is more informed. 

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