Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Buy, sell and trade bitcoins in India easily and safely.

Among the world of virtual money has seen a global frenzy and more and more people are betting on this technological advance that more than well promises to revolutionize the economy. Thanks to this event, a great number of companies have been created that offer services to buy and sell bitcoins internationally. I personally have been in this business so controversial, and after meeting and venturing into various companies in India I consider myself able to share my knowledge and experiences lived in this world.

Here I bring you my humble opinion about which are the most promising and reliable companies in the market of bitcoins exchange in India at the moment.

• Bitxoxo: This company really surprised me since I met her, for me it is the best exchange of bitcoins in India and I recommend it completely, its platform is stable and the interface they handle is very friendly with the user. In addition, they offer their service full time and at any time avoiding unnecessary waits. With Bitxoxo I have been able to sell bitcoins in India in a fast way and I have never had any problems with them, likewise buying bitcoins in India through Bitxoxo in quite fluid.

Among all the attractions offered by this page, the most important is that it does not charge a commission for its services and that is why it can offer the best bitcoins exchange rate in India.

• OneCoin: This company has become very popular since its creation in July 2013 and until the moment it has about 15,000 customers, with a vision of worldwide expansion and motivating citizens to exchange bitcoins in India.

I find it quite reliable and stable compared to others thanks to it already has enough customers and a good reputation.

• Zebpay: Also this company also seems very good and the most important as the above is that it is reliable, I spent some time working with it and it offered me a good exchange rate of bitcoins besides that a good attention and service to all customers.

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