Thursday, 11 May 2017

Welcome to the bitcoin market, India!

Lately, the use of bitcoins in India has increased in an outrageous way. The exchange of cryptocurrency have become so popular that hundreds of websites are turning into dedicated servers in that matter, but how do we know which is the best?

When we talk about bitcoins, we also have to know about which page offers the best bitcoin rate; this is, more or less, the rate of exchange for the bitcoins into other currencies. The best bitcoin exchange in India can be measured by certain things like fees, a popular pages name CoinMama, for example, have some high fees instead pages like Bitxoxo have 0% fees.

Is good for my company to use bitcoins?

The other thing is when it comes to business, with the changing economy using bitcoin exchange in India can be a pretty good option, and most sites offer a virtual wallet with low costs of maintenance and perhaps the fastest and safest way to sell bitcoins in India.

Again the pros and cons of the different sites collide and pages like Localbitcoins are most likely to present troubles when buying large amounts; this might cause some troubles because you know, as they say, “ you need money to make money”.
How do I start?

So first you are going to need a server that offers some smoothness by the time you are going to sell, buy or exchange your bitcoins that are also reliable and trusty. Most pages are vulnerable to scams, Bitcoins-otc is careful with this specially.

You would say that all websites have troubles, but there are some good ones out there I swear; it all depends on what you are looking for, for me Bitxoxo have been the best but BTCC might work you as well. 

Sell the bitcoins in India is easy but it’s good to remember that great part of today’s business and big companies are using this type of currency so there is nothing to fear, cryptocurrency are the future or as well they might help the economy. Anyway, it doesn’t hurt knowing how to use them properly and most important, where.

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