Thursday, 18 May 2017

All the benefits that bitcoins offers to its users.

Nowadays bitcoin is widely used as a powerful payment instrument worldwide. With bitcoin, you can buy almost any merchandise, from food and clothing to elite real estate, luxury yachts and cars. Many online stores, merchants and miscellaneous services accept bitcoins or also called BTC and this list is growing every day. Likewise, you can easily recharge your mobile phone anywhere in the world, pay for online games and other services. Here I outline the main advantages that the use of bitcoins offers to all its users.

  • Irrevocable transactions. Bitcoins exchange within the system is irrevocable; In addition, due to the absence of an administrative body to regulate them, there is no possibility, or even theoretical, for someone to cancel a transaction. If you receive a transfer, no one will be able to return the money under any circumstances, which makes Bitcoin the ideal system for trading over the Internet in the world. 
  • Complete anonymity and availability for users around the world. Any Internet user can become a customer of this digital currency. Simply download the official client program or sign up for an independent Bitcoin or "bitcoin-wallet" electronic wallet service, whichever suits you best and offer the best bitcoin exchange rate.
  • No commission whatsoever. Bitcoin is the only payment system in the world where all internal transfers are totally free. If you wish, you can add a small voluntary fee, in which case your payment will be processed faster.
  • Provides comprehensive opportunities to ensure account security and ease of use. To protect your resources to the maximum against thefts and scams, you can either encrypt your key file or take advantage of any of the countless solutions offered by independent developers who handle it. Bitcoin is the only payment system that allows you to deal with official customers and many alternative customers, which offer great possibilities and a more comfortable interface.
  •   It accumulates in a tiny space. A huge fortune could be stored on a USB stick, which can be saved or moved without relying on third parties.

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