Friday, 19 May 2017

Dismissing Bitcoin: Terrorist currency? or business boom?

We are already in the era of technology and we have explained variously the benefits of Bitcoins in different articles: A cryptocurrency that allows a movement of capital from anywhere in the world to any side of the world, without passing through banking control of any kind and carrying the entrepreneurs to make transactions faster. But, what is the dark side of the coin? Is it true that it is being favored by the terrorists?

Bitcoin, it is a technological boom that should never fall into bad hands

It is true, the potential of Bitcoin is infinite for us businessmen, and with the best exchange rates focused on India, the best Bitcoins sale and Bitcoins purchase, we started thinking: Can Bitcoin be used in a black market?

Currently, the United Nations Organization thinks in this way that they seek to control Bitcoin for clandestine transactions. Although it is a completely safe currency, where transactions can not be reversed, payments are fast and immediate, it also lends itself to maltreatment.

For this reason, it is advisable to use well-known buyers and sellers, perfectly stable and validated by the Web community, various vendors in India such as: CoinMama, Bitxoxo, etc. with better exchange rates and based on a trustworthy business. Any other vendor not approved by the virtual community, could be a scam.

To take care when buying Bitcoins in India we must refer to the popular pages and not seek to work with unknown individuals. We must seek the security and confidence that we offer the official Virtual Sellers and avoid clandestinity: Let us remember that we seek to make a solid and lasting investment, a way to make our money grow; Not to fall into bad practices.

Finally, remember that Bitcoin regardless of where it is invested will generate long-term profits, but if it is well managed and legally purchased, we will avoid many problems in the long run, save potential legal problems in the future and be entrepreneurs designed to enter the market. Boom of the future that is this world of fast, safe and responsible transactions.

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