Monday, 22 May 2017

Bitcoin threat

 Bitcoin is apparently coming to our networks to stay. The new digital currency has been changing the monetary paradigms of banks, companies, corporations, and people. Many users already catalog it as a world reference currency because it is a decentralized and self-regulated coin, without supervisors of a bank. On the other hand, Bitcoin may seem a threat to the stability of some currencies like the dollar or the euro.

     This digital currency was born primarily as Internet currency, but there are companies worldwide that still do not accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. This has been an obstacle for them but they do not give up and are being made known in more places and countries of the world.

     There are millions of Bitcoin users around the world. Users who sell Bitcoins, users who buy Bitcoins, exchange Bitcoins with currencies from other countries and in that way help many people economically. Currently there are around 15 million Bitcoins in the world equivalent to 5800 million euros.

     Many people have wondered who controls this cryptocurrency, but the truth is that Bitcoin is controlled by the same millions of users around the world thus achieving that banks cannot have someone they can blame for causing problems in their branches. Bitcoin is a free system, can be used in many ways and even software developers cannot modify the protocol of the platform. Everyone can choose the version and software they prefer. Programmers and users ensure the smooth operation of the system.

     There are rumors worldwide that Bitcoin does not have a good future, many are based on the crises that have crossed several countries worldwide but the reality is that when several crises occurred Bitcoin was acquired by multiple companies to resume its position. However bitcoin does not ensure financial stability although their numbers of users continue to grow and its value is adjusted to the needs and becomes more reliable.

     There are still people who do not feel safe using Bitcoin, their easy access and comfort can give much to think about, especially for scammers. It could even be used as a black market to buy and sell banned items without a trace. This has prompted some banks to carry out campaigns against Bitcoin but the platform ensures that its system is secure and provides users with confidence thanks to its excellent operation.

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