Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Why Do Bitcoins Matter?

Bitcoin is not only a currency that is cataloged as a purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, this is also a technological wonder that has not been carefully examined: in 1975 a technological wonder called the personal computer emerged, in 1993 a line able to connect To all the world through cables denominated Internet, at the moment the technological marvel with an infinite potential is, of course, the Bitcoin.

Because in itself is a technological wonder and why it matters? Although not many know it Bitcoin is not an invention overnight, if not an invention that accumulates 20 years of research in virtual currencies and 40 years of study in encryption, by millions of researchers worldwide working from Anonymous form to be able to carry an impressive security at the moment.

Bitcoin is the first with the ability to resolve the communication between users avoiding interruptions of third parties with the transactions: imagine a general who directs an army and needs to bring information to its allied generals to take a city, but among these soldiers, there are Traitors seeking to confuse. Bitcoin solves this problem between communication and user transactions thanks to its encryption, preventing third parties from misusing transactions and stealing or appropriating part of the money, and communication is only relegated to both users: a technological wonder taking into account what is the internet.

What can bring this to Future?

The purchase and sale of Bitcoins is so secure that its technology is being studied to bring to users different forms of global communication not only based on monetary transactions: signed contracts, digital stocks, important business papers, documents of ownership of houses or Cars, the future lies in the codification of this great cryptocurrency, and therefore added to the rise of this currency currently on the market, it is recommended to start looking for the lowest exchange rates on the market in order to obtain true wealth from this technological wonder.

Currently, Bitcoin is synonymous with the intelligence of years of research, with the success of a true entrepreneur all in a large cryptocurrency.

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