Monday, 12 June 2017

Bitcoin expands in Latin America

     Bitcoin is not growing only in countries of Europe, Asia or anywhere in the world, but is becoming more and more known in more countries and it is no surprise that it is reaching Latin countries. Currently, Bitcoin, recognized as the most valuable digital currency in the world, with a value registered in the last month of approximately $ 2600, has reached South America and Central America. In the Dominican Republic, there are around 2000 Bitcoin Exchanges per day. A large number for cryptocurrency has caused a major economic impact worldwide. Bitcoin ATMs have already been implemented in that country.

     In other countries such as Chile and Peru, a large number of users have also been registered. People sell Bitcoin around the world using the different methods and advantages that the digital currency possesses.

     Given that one of the largest economies in the world is the US, analysts in that country say that Bitcoin will continue to increase its value and is likely to do so in a short time. If just last month reached $ 1000 per Bitcoin and now 30 days later increased more than 100%, it is a lot of attraction for investors who still did not dare to invest in cryptocurrency.

     Bitcoin price is a very great attraction for the different people around the world and it is hoped that a future this currency can become the first globalized digital currency. However many governments have not agreed with that thought but the reality is that Bitcoin is changing the world and are more people who Buy Bitcoin daily.

     There are companies in the world that benefit people interested in this market. One of the best is Bitxoxo, with an intelligent interface and easy access allows users to make their Bitcoin Exchanges without difficulty and quickly and safely. Bitxoxo is especially preferred in India, having more than 4000 users only in that country. However, there are other companies competing but this charge a commission for transactions and often the operations are slow to take place.

     Bitcoin has been recognized throughout the world and it is a great advantage that it is reaching Latin America where there are many countries without economic stability to allow millions of people to invest in cryptocurrency and thereby help them financially.

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