Thursday, 8 June 2017

Bitcoin: Investment or Loss?

     The rise of the Bitcoin has been exorbitant to many people around the world. The prices that cryptocurrency has acquired has caught the attention of many investors. Just a few years ago the digital currency was worth only a few dollars and is now valued around $ 2400 by Bitcoin.

     The number of users of the digital currency has increased in large proportion thanks to this. In many countries where they did not dare to invest before, fear is being lost and people have opted for cryptocurrency. Bitcoin exchanges each day are larger and in more countries. In India, citizens receive bitcoin as a means of payment. In other countries, such as Japan, the digital currency is already legalized and Bitcoin ATMs have even been installed around several cities.

     Transactions with Bitcoin have also been extended in Australia and other European countries. Users buy BTC to invest in their stores or their savings with a guarantee that it will continue to grow and increase its value.

     The implementation of ATMs Bitcoin has facilitated the use of transactions to many users who often do not have fast access to the internet or a computer. Until the times have been installed around the world around more than 1000 ATMs. Users can perform any operation they wish at any time.

     In the network we can find different platforms that facilitate us to carry out the operations with Bitcoin. Bitxoxo is a platform linked to Bitcoin in which transactions are totally free. The website has a commission of 0% allowing the user to carry out the operations that he wants and at any time he wishes.

     In India, about 2300 people use bitxoxo to buy bitcoins. Best Bitcoin rate in India is a benefit for citizens by giving them opportunities to grow economically. Cryptocurrency has been under investigation by many governments around the world. Politicians have not much agreed with the rapid exposure and acceptance of the digital currency. However the world does not stop marveling at the profits and profits that are obtained with Bitcoin. This digital currency could become the first global digital currency.

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