Friday, 16 June 2017

Top 3 Bitcoin Exchanges in India

Bitcoin, a digital currency that’s grown in popularity in a few years is, once again, along with searches to find the best bitcoin rate, in the news now because of the recent announcements of financial system change in India, sending business enthusiasts into looking for the best bitcoin rates, searching on Bitcoin exchanges in India, how to buy Bitcoin in India as well as sell Bitcoin in India, and then trying to narrow down which are the top Bitcoin exchanges in India.

Curious where you can buy some bitcoin for yourself? Which are the best Bitcoin exchanges in India? Here are some places where you can buy and sell Bitcoin in India.

1.    Unocoin is an Indian owned operation considered largely the best bitcoin exchange in India. Users can buy bitcoin in India and sell bitcoins in India through its IOS or Android apps, or even the web, setting up is easy and you can buy and sell bitcoin through any regular bank account. You can use the bitcoins you've purchased in other places, such as doubling up your wallet to use in other Bitcoin exchanges in India.

2.    BuyUCoin lets you buy Bitcoin online using your credit card, debit card or net banking. But first, you need a purchase ID to enter the bitcoin exchange game in India, and this requires your name, e-mail, I.D., phone number and a photo of your bank card. You need to upload a copy of another I.D. as well. You can purchase Bitcoin and store in popular online and offline wallets. You can see the price of bitcoin at the top of the page. Buy the coins just like you would anything else.

3.    Bitxoxo is a bitcoin portal that lets you link your bank account for fast answers, and it's quite easy to operate via Android or iPhone app. It's a regulated company in India and requires the procedure for user verification. It claims to offer multiple security features and also allows you to track historical data on bitcoin pricing. It’s hailed as a very user friendly and as the top bitcoin exchange in India.

These are some of the top Bitcoin exchanges in India.

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