Thursday, 1 June 2017

The Unpredictable Future of Bitcoin

     Bitcoin has achieved an incredible increase. Cryptocurrency has been changing its value by 124% so far this year. And that after generating a profit of 125% last year. Only in the middle of 2017 rose more than 60%. With these numbers, it is difficult to know how their long-term behavior will be, but analysts are sure that Bitcoin investors are more and more.

     We must keep in mind that the BTC price has increased on average, four out of five days in May. Seven out of every 10 days in 2017. These figures make investors bet on cryptocurrency. No doubt the rapid increase attracts the attention of many people making transactions, bitcoin exchanges and other operations grow in large quantities worldwide.

     Users of the digital currency every day are happier and buy Bitcoin to invest their money and earn a profit, a savings fund or an extra income. Other programmers and developers take the opportunity to create their own chain linked to Bitcoin and thus allow thousands of people in the world to see different interfaces to handle cryptocurrency.

     The governments of many countries are threatened by the evolution of Bitcoin. They believe that their financial systems can be affected by the digital currency and they are right to believe it that way. Because in several countries of the world are already legalizing the use of Bitcoin in their territories allowing traders to receive Bitcoins as a means of payment.

     Economic analysts have not been able to conduct a study of how the value of this currency will behave over the years. Some say that it can reach $ 100.00 in 10 years but seeing how abrupt their increases have been in the years to come it is possible that it may reach that value before the age of 10. If some few years ago, in 2013 was worth just 30 $ per unit.

     Everyone seems to have an opinion about how far Bitcoin will rise or how quickly it will fall back to Earth. However, it is impossible to predict the emotions of other investors, and in a moment that is the only thing that moves an asset. But the guess is that the current Bitcoin rally will begin its downfall once daily returns are balanced more evenly between ascending and descending days.

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