Thursday, 29 June 2017

India’s Favorite Biticoin Exchanges

Bitcoin the notorious virtual currency that has seen its popularity rise in the recent years is under the biggest spotlight that it has ever been.

As the Indian government followed the example of plenty of other countries in accepting Bitcoin as a form of currency and welcomed the market of Bticoin exchange in India into its economy formally in recent months, this has all prompted searches by plenty of people looking for the best Bitcoin rates. 

Do you have any curiosity about where you can purchase some Bitcoin for yourself? Which are the top Bitcoin exchange in India? 

1.    Unocoin is an indian owned operation. Users can purchase Bitcoin and sell Bitcoins through its IOS or andriod apps (or even the web) the set up process is simple and you can purchase and sell Bitcoin through any regular bank account. You can use the Bitcoins you've purchased in other places, such as doubling up your wallet.

2.    BuyUCoin allows you buy Bitcoin online using your credit card, debit card or net banking. But first, you need a purchase ID to enter the Bitcoin exchange game in India, and this requires your name, e-mail, I.D., phone number and a photo of your bank card. You need to upload a copy of another I.D. as well. You can purchase Bitcoin and store in popular online and offline wallets. The current price of Bitcoin is seen always at the top of the page. Purchase the coins just like you would anything else.

3.    Bitxoxo is a Bitcoin portal that lets you link your bank account for fast answers, and it's quite easy to operate via android or iphone app. It's a regulated company in India and requires the procedure for user verification. It claims to offer multiple security features and also allows you to track historical data on Bitcoin pricing. It’s hailed as a very user friendly and as the top Bitcoin exchange in India

4.    Coinsecure is a regulated Bitcoin exchange with low fees. It's not the best option for those seeking private transactions. Easy to navigate, the Coinsecure app and website shows charts with data on the exchanges taking place. This allows you to see how other peoples are trading and and what rate.

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