Friday, 2 June 2017

The bitcoin’s world

In the case of bitcoin we must first think about where to store them even before having them. Since to buy, sell or use bitcoins we need to store them. The user of the virtual currency must create a wallet or digital wallet, which is very simple, it will have two secret keys, a public key that will allow us to deposit in our wallet and a private key, which we will use to spend our coins.

You can have several types of purses, the most common in India are:

Wallet Online: Are services offered by companies on the Internet to manage your wallet bitcoin, its main advantage is to access your digital wallet from any site such as Bitxoxo which is very popular these days.

Desktop purse: Allows you to pay in a safe and simple way from your computer or smartphone, the most popular are: ¨MultiBit¨, ¨Bitcoin Core¨, ¨Armory¨ and ¨Electrum¨.

Mobile wallet: It allows making payments from our phones through the scan of QR codes. For this we download in our Smartphone one of the following applications ¨Bither¨, ¨Bitcoin Wallet¨. ¨Ninky¨ among others.

We can create several virtual wallets, the same way we have several bank accounts or multiple email addresses, the important thing is to always make backup copies of the wallets, in case of loss of the phone or computer.

There are several ways to get bitcoins, as payment for goods or services: If you are willing you can accept the payment in cryptocurrency when you sell something or for the work you do, as long as the person who is going to pay is bitcoin user.

You can buy them directly from someone: either in person or online, in cash or by money transfers or you can earn free bitcoins by visiting "Faucets", The word faucet in English means tap and in the world of the cryptocurrencies refers to web pages that allow you to win tiny fractions of bitcoins doing simple tasks, riddles or games of chance. These faucet pages were created at the beginning of the Bitcoin network to encourage people to use the virtual currency.

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