Thursday, 27 July 2017

Big enterprises are opening the doors to bitcoin.

A new bitcoin advance was released. The American Express Card now has an available option for their Abra users and customers to buy bitcoins. Hence, this makes the process of buying bitcoins more direct and without the participation of a third party acquirer in the middle. The bitcoin exchange will be easier with this action taken by both companies. So, one can imagine how benefited are going to be the users of these companies to buy bitcoins in any part of the world where they could be located since American Express has clients throughout the world. 

 The adoption of Bitcoin worldwide is every day taking a clearer place and every company is making the right actions for easing Bitcoin exchange access to people. In India for example a company that has innovated the bitcoin market with a similar action to this is Bitxoxo, one of the companies at the top of Bitcoin exchange, since they have created the Bitcoin gift card. Therefore, Bitxoxo is another interesting example of improvement of the bitcoin exchange in India their country. The intentions of all companies that are promoting Bitcoin exchange with ease must be to offer a better service to the Bitcoin community in order to make it grow. Also, becoming the Bitcoin exchange more secure and advanced should be the main goal of companies since there are so many doubts about Bitcoin and about what the dangers to the investments could be. 

The world is watching a slow but inevitable process to the digitalization of the economy. Every day more news about the advances of technology respecting to bitcoin exchange in any part of the world are released. American express union with Abra to impulse bitcoin purchase and exchange continues being just a sample of what is coming next to the global economy. Other global economic services will be joining bitcoin exchange companies and will find manners to let other possible clients enter the world of cryptocurrencies without any problem and a click and of course a secure process for trading with the cryptocurrency.


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