Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Bitcoin and Central Banks

     The boom that Bitcoin has had, as well as the market for cryptocurrencies has experienced this year is due to a multitude of factors, including regulatory changes or technical evolution of the Blockchain. Among all this amalgam of reasons, many voices have made an effort to highlight the role of active refuge that has played the digital currency during the first half of the year, responding to the political risk premium of Europe or the US. So much so, that recognized as "the new gold" has doubled the historic price of the precious metal from which it obtains its nickname and has initiated a process in which it is overtaking its powers.

     Even many people already prefer to invest their money in Bitcoin than gold. Large investors are betting and Buy Bitcoin knowing that this has been steadily increasing in value. So too, thousands of people who invested their savings when cryptocurrency just came out Sell Bitcoin to get their money back a little and reinvest.

     The price of Bitcoin has come to triple its value this year, to the historic record that reached June 11, above $ 3,000. Since then, it has managed to correct 27 percent and has finished the first half of the year below the $ 2,500, price around which is currently listed. However the digital currency has not stopped being the most quoted by the entire world.

     For example, in India there are already several Bitcoin Exchange, including Bitxoxo, one of the Top Bitcoin Exchange in India is already opening up to other nations. Citizen of this country Sell Bitcoin in India and in different parts of the world. Some of them Buy Bitcoin in India and make transactions in other countries.

     The central bank of India is considered to legalize the use of the digital currency by establishing certain measures. It is probable that the legalization of Bitcoin throughout the national territory will be fully approved by the following month.

     With the high demand that Bitcoin has had around the world it is very possible that it will take very high values. Cryptocurrency analysts say it could reach $ 20,000 by the end of this year and for the next up to 100,000. So if you are thinking about investing in Bitcoin you better take advantage of doing it now and multiply your profit in just a few months.

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