Friday, 14 July 2017

Bitcoin’s Risk

     Some time ago an anecdote was written about a couple who decided to live the first hundred days of their marriage paying exclusively with Bitcoin and that they barely managed to get the most basic goods and services, believing to have demonstrated their unfeasibility. However, since that time have been many businesses that accept Bitcoin as a form of payment and the stories of students who have been made into millionaires after investing in Bitcoin with a tip of grandmother, spread on social networks and difficult to prove , Have led a multitude of diversified investors to buy Bitcoin.

     Many investors have ignited with cryptocurrency fever and have been attracted by its non-regulation. Thousands sell Bitcoin now. One does them out of necessity and others do so to reinvest and earn greater profits in the future. It is noteworthy that this 2017 has been of great importance for Bitcoin and for the Best Bitcoin Exchange in different parts of the world thanks to its value has increased more than 100 percent in just half the year. In a note that Goldman Sachs published at the end of June, signed by the head of Technical Strategy, calculated that after surpassing a new fall of prices, the Bitcoin will quickly reach 4,000 dollars and recommended to buy. Another investor who has been recommending actions for more than a decade with a program at Standpoint Research, an adventure that will reach $ 5,000, double its current value, next year and also assures that it can reach between $ 25,000 and $ 50,000 over the next decade. The fact that analysts who previously did not talk about Bitcoin or other digital currencies are starting to analyze and bet on the sector is proof of its exuberance.

     Many Top Bitcoin Exchange in India have achieved much ranking thanks to the demand that has had the cryptocurrency in these times. The Best Bitcoin Exchange has gained in popularity, and more and more programmers who modify Bitcoin's free code to optimize their operations and manage operations quickly and effectively.

     Finance and technology have combined to develop and improve the economy in many countries and help solve the famous "world economic war" a little.

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