Monday, 31 July 2017

Fork Watch: Several Bitcoin companies in India do not support the new 'Bitcoin Cash'

A few months ago was announced a new evolutionary measure regarding bitcoins, it is the new virtual currency cripto-conversion, in which you can have your bitcoins in physical notes, something that sounds strange if we remember that it is A cyber currency.

Bitcoin's trading companies in India have spoken fervently, uttering words of rejection at the new measures. They do not agree with Bitcoin Cash, and also announced that they will not join this option, and that Bitcoin deposits will be suspended in the next few days.

Companies that have so far refuted this happen have been Zebpay, Coinsecure and Unocoin, three of Bitcoin's largest companies throughout India.

We started with Zebpay, and it is positioned among the top seven finance applications on the Apple download platform and with more than half a million downloads in the Play Store; Has shown that it does not want anything with this advance of criptocoin, as it does not consider it effective and convenient for development in the market.

This Thursday, July 28, the company warned all its users the following information:

"If you want to access Bitcoin Cash, please remove the bitcoins from your Zebpay wallet and transfer them to a wallet in which you control the private keys before July 31. Bitcoin Cash will not be available to customers who have bitcoins on Zebpay.

Likewise, exchange, withdrawals and deposits of bitcoins are suspended from July 31 at 10 pm to 2 August at 10 am.

For its part, Coinsecure issued the following statement: "In order to guarantee the security of client funds, we will temporarily suspend BTC deposits, withdrawals and purchase / sale commencing approximately 24 hours prior to the activation of any of the Fork”.

Bitcoin continues to cause controversy, due to its popularity in India. For more information follow our page, which will find the best Bitcoin rate, and the best Bitcoin exchanges in India, as well as more data that will offer you more and more knowledge about the new world of virtual money.

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