Monday, 17 July 2017

Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Fall

     Recently Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies had a descent quite overwhelming that left many people thinking. Even most have no idea how such a drastic thing could happen in such a short time. So much so that the total capitalization market is at 65 billion dollars, 50 billion less than a month ago.

     If you place a row of dominoes and impel the first one, immediately those in front of it will continue falling one after another. Something like this is currently occurring with cryptocurrencies. After announcing a supposed division, Bitcoin caused much havoc and made all the digital coins. Best Bitcoin Rate declined sharply globally. However, it was not only Bitcoin that affected with this ad but 94 of 100 cryptocurrencies. The market capitalization of all of them, which a month ago was worth 116 billion dollars, today is 65 billion dollars, that is, more than 50 billion dollars less.

     The great decline in the digital currency has put many to think and several users are already selling their Bitcoins because they do not know what can happen if this continues. However many are calm and confident that the digital currency will rise again and reach prices never seen.

     Many Bitcoin Exchange changed their fee rates by seeing how much money was flowing through their applications. Best Bitcoin Exchange remains firm and although their operations also grow, they remain calm and hope that this is something temporary.

     Bitcoin is down 6.66% from Saturday and 24.60% from the previous week. Its price is less than 2000 dollars, its lowest value since May 19 and the number of operations is 949 million dollars and its market capitalization of 31 billion dollars, that’s means that the market lost approximately 15 billion in a month.

     Thanks to the popularity and Best Bitcoin Rate, it was able to maintain a relatively high price compared to other cryptocurrencies that had strong falls of up to 20%. The users and the Best Bitcoin Exchange assure and trust that this will be something temporary and soon the world's most popular digital currency will return to its historical values and even break new barriers.

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