Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The Bitcoin Power

Since 2009 Bitcoin started this road that has taken him by a roller coaster that generally has had more climbs than descents. In almost eight years the value of the currency has risen from $ 0 to $ 2.500, a growth so dense in less than a decade, without a doubt, is the largest monetary development in digital history.

A curious fact was that when the first bitcoins were issued to the public, a man spent 10.000 BTC on a pizza, and the following year those 10.000 BTC were worth approximately five thousand euros. Do you imagine that you had them today? The amount of money he had was exuberant. However, no one can predict the fortunes or misfortunes of life.

Bitcoins have become the simplest way to invest money, since these are bought in the off-season and sold in high season, a basic principle of the commercial sale. 

In June of this year, Bitcoin reached historic levels, standing at a few dollars of three thousand, a record for criptocoin, which was a few steps to overcome that barrier. After this considerable increase, Bitcoin and the other virtual currencies have had a downturn around $ 2.500, and despite this, is still at an affordable level for investors.

It has been called Ponzi scheme, cyber pirate coins, coins used by terrorism and much more; However, that has not taken away its ostensible success, which many have called the digital currency revolution, as cash is gradually used less, although this is still the pillar of trade still.

Bitcoin is just a few steps from being legalized in India, as the country's government has appointed a committee to analyze the results that this decision could bring. The citizens have not hesitated to ask for this currency, very useful, since in some trades is being used as payment method.

This has been due to the influence of the Bitcoin vending companies in India, such as Bitxoxo, Zebpay, LocalBitCoin and others. Which are ideal for buying Bitcoin in India. In addition, you can achieve the best Bitcoin exchanges in India; Without a doubt.

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