Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Celebrities supporting bitcoin in India!

The number of Bollywood celebrities that use bitcoins is growing amazingly every day. As the bitcoin exchange in India becomes more popular the famous Indian entertainers of the show business have been announcing through tweets and other social media their opinions about the positive aspects of bitcoin exchange. The celebrities are promoting their fascination by the bitcoin exchange and they have thought about the future potential and enhancement of the cryptocurrency. Celebrities like R. Madhavan, Shilpa Shetty, Raj Kundra,  Nargis Fakhri, Vir Das, Prachi Desai are others have been commenting their fever by the bitcoin exchange. 

Since bitcoin explosion has been so popular in India, the Bollywood celebrities have been attracted to it. It is known that there are online portals in India where to buy bitcoins in India and also sell them. Celebrities are attached to the companies of the best bitcoin exchange such as Coinsecure, Bitxoxo and Zepbay. This popularity of bitcoin in the world of celebrities became stronger due to the influence of the book by Amit Bhardwaj, “Bitcoin for Beginners.” Amit Bhardwaj is considered a genius of the world of cryptocurrencies since he is the founder of the Amaze Mining & Research Ltd. Hence, most of the artist of the Bollywood industry have felt the curiosity about going deeper into bitcoin exchange because of their readings of Bhardwaj’ book. Many celebrities have tweeted about their enthusiasm when reading Bhardwaj’ book and that they support the development of the bitcoin exchange in India. 

Therefore, since these celebrities so well known in the country influence people with their thoughts and are inevitably followed by thousands of young people and are the image of important marks, it is not unexpected that they will be the main image of bitcoin exchange in the future and the impulse to their followers to join and support the fever of bitcoin.

There are no doubts that the number of celebrities interested in the bitcoin exchange in India will grow as well as the number of merchants that will want to buy and sell bitcoins and the companies with the best bitcoin exchange in India will enhance bitcoin.

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